1. antitankarrow:

    The only gif you ever need.

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  2. achievementt-teeth:

    Ray and Michael become strippers (x)

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  3. caitiward:

    "Dad’s home!"

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  4. rafawriter:

    The Snail Assassin - Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures 4K

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  7. ragehappyhunter:

    →Michael “Babyface” Jones

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  9. reallytiredgirl:

    Well everyone else was doing it….

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  11. the-meta:

    I finished!  You can take the test here and find out where you fall on the scale.

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  12. jordandorkvaris:

    I don’t have any “valuables”…

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  14. <3 “it’s a black shirt, on the front it says rage quit like the intro to all of his shitty videos.” ~ @ah_brownman

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  15. daily-gr4ce:

    Mamrie makes a pickle martini but Grace is the only one who likes it (x)

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